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Synergy Sweets in the Press

America's largest dessert festival is coming to Tampa

When Shonnika Denise saw on social media last year that Dessert Wars, dubbed “the largest dessert festival in America,” was coming to Tampa, she cranked up her oven and her creativity.

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Dessert Wars champion, Shonnika Denise, brings Synergy Sweets to Tampa

When Shonnika Denise quit her full-time job to launch her “cottage bakery,” Synergy Sweets, she knew she made good desserts. What she didn’t know, however, was that they were actually the best in Tampa. That news came later.

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Wilton Cakes Feature

Today, we are highlighting Shonnika Denise of @synergysweets as part of our #behindthebakes series, stories of the talented bakers in our community!

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